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rexburg drafting services

Everyone of us has our own ideas of the perfect home. These homes are often referred to as dream homes, something viewed as unattainable. However, here at South Fork Design we specialize at turning your dream home into a reality! Whether its a 1500 Sq Ft Cottage out in the sticks or a 8000 Sq Ft Cabin up in the mountains we got you covered. Our designers have combined over 50 years of experience both in the field and on the computer. When you come to South Fork Design group you can be confident that your dream will soon be a reality!

Drafting Services

We opened our doors in Rexburg, Idaho in 2006 and have been providing Rexburg and the surrounding areas with highly detailed blueprints ever since. All of our designers have an extensive knowledge of the home building process. This knowledge extends behind their time at the desk to on the job site experience. The knowledge they have acquired through years of experience helps them set realistic and attainable goals that help turn your dream into a reality!

Engineering Services

One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is our in house engineering services. The best part is our engineering services are inclusive in the construction documents we produce for you! There is no longer a need for you to go shopping around for a structural engineer after you get your blue prints and then worry about getting into their schedule. Our structural engineers participate in the drafting process from the beginning all they way until they stamp the final page of your plans.

3D Model Walk-Through

Using the latest and greatest in technology we can give you an immersive and interactive digital experience with your dream home. You can walk through your front door, walk around your home and know what to expect when your home is complete. You can do all this from the comfort of your computer. This creates a more accurate and complex perspective of the work we are doing for you and allows us to guarantee your satisfaction and approval of the project. The 3D model also allows you the opportunity to better evaluate which materials and building techniques will best turn your dream home into your next home.

Remodels and Additions

If you are looking to remodel an existing home or add on an extra room you might be wondering how we can help you. Using advanced drone imaging services we can fly a drone around the exterior of your home and scan your home allowing us to import that data into our software. From there we can show you what your home would look like with the addition or remodel of your current home. We take the guessing out of the equation so you know exactly what your getting before you start tearing down walls!