What Makes Good Blueprints?

good blueprints

You can think of Blueprints just as you would think of a map. They are both used to give directions to a desired destination. If the map isn’t correct, then it wont take you where you desire to go, the exact same can be said for blueprints. A poor set of blueprints will simply create chaos for you or your architect due to the poor guidelines.

For the first time looking at blueprints can be pretty confusing & may seem a little bit challenging to understand. A very good blueprint must be set in such a manner that it is easy to understand and interpret for the reader. The instructions & guidelines given should be arranged in a precise and simple manner to make sure the builder can quickly understand what’s expected.

The first thing you should see is the title page which displays all the drawings that will be utilized to put the construction together. You should always study these drawings in order to know what’s expected of you & how you’ll go about working step by step. You will notice that the drawings have abbreviations or symbols to guide you. You will have a much easier time if you learn what they symbolize from the guide provided.

An ideal set of blueprints is generally drawn to scale & the specific ratio should be mentioned on every page so that you are able to work & plan out each component with this in mind. The universal standard measurements for blueprints are generally 1/8 inch on paper should represent 1 foot of the demanded material.

It’s also crucial for you to observe the architectural drawings which are generally found within the first couple of pages of the blueprints. They need to be marked with an ‘A’ so that you can easily distinguish them from all the other architectural drawings. They are generally categorized differently to make work a lot easier for you (or the builder). Also, the blueprints should consist of mechanical drawings that are always marked with an “M”. This indicates how the plumbing will be installed & how the water lines are expected to be fitted.

Please note that you will not be able to understand & use a set of blueprints without referring to the specifications manual generally referred to as the spec book. That’s where you’ll get all the information on which materials you are required to use & how the construction should proceed. If you have ever encountered a bad set of blueprints then South Fork Design a call. We have the tools and experience to design your ideal set of blueprints.

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