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Our Drafting Services in Rexburg, Idaho are second to none. We offer the most in depth and detailed Blueprints in the area. PLUS, we have years of experience in both Designing and Building. This advantage ensures that there are no issues down the road.

If you combine our Designing and Building services you will save both time and money. Find out more about our combined services here…


3D Walk Through

We can also offer you a 3D Walk Through of your new home or business. We are one of the ONLY Drafting & Engineering companies in South East Idaho to provide this amazing service!


This 3D Walk Through takes the blueprints and makes an interactive model of your home.

The framing floor plan and foundation can be viewed from this walkthrough, so you know exactly what you are going to be getting when the final product is brought to life!


Want to build an addition and not have it look like an addition?




We can build your home in a 3D model and add the addition virtually to the model.  You’ll get a good look at it before you have your home and life in turmoil.

Too often a home owner or builder will tear into a project then say, “Whoops, it looks like we may need a beam there.”  Costs increase and the nice flowing design you envisioned turns into another “house with an add-on”.

A good quality model that is engineered will make life much easier throughout the project.


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