Should you Buy or Build a new home?

buying vs building a home

Once approved for financing, the process of buying a home begins easily. You contact a real estate office, let them know what you are looking for, and see what they find. With today’s market, there will likely be many choices within average price points, all with pros and cons. One of the biggest benefits of buying an established home is that it is built; once the purchase is finalized, you can move right in. However that doesn’t mean smooth sailing thereafter, as completed homes can come with their own hassles.

When Buying Keep in Mind

Depending when the home was originally built, or the last time it was renovated, large repairs or updates may be needed. You must consider the age of the electrical and plumbing systems, the roof, the appliances, as well as whether they meet your current needs. Some previous design choices may be able to be changed, but others would require significant work, like removing a load-bearing wall. Maybe it has a great floor plan, but isn’t in your ideal neighborhood. The location could be great, but it only has three bedrooms when you prefer four.

Building a home tends to be a longer process. You will need to find the land, get plans approved, find a builder, and much more. You will be making decisions every step of the way, from the quality of the insulation to the color of the light switch covers. There is also a sense of delayed gratification, as you will not be able to move in until everything is complete.

Keep in Mind if You Build a New Home

The best part about choosing to build is you are more likely to get precisely what you want. The design of every room is in your hands, as well as how those rooms fit together. You have control you wouldn’t have in a finished home. Experienced Idaho home builders can help guide you through the decision-making processes, and can lend their expertise on the matter. In the end, you get a brand new home, made with brand new materials, full of brand new finishes.

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