Are Solar Panels Right for my Home?

are solar panels right for my home
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What is a Solar Panel and how do they work?

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells in a frame that, when wired into a home’s electrical system, allow homeowners to generate some or all of their own electricity using sunlight. While this sounds like a great idea to include in any new building or remodeling project, there are a couple of pros and cons that homeowners should know about before embarking on a project like this.

Not every home’s situation is identical, but installing solar panels generally has a lot of upsides for homeowners:

  • Rebates are available to help reduce the cost of installation.
  • Some homeowners are able to produce enough electricity to allow them to sell their excess back to their local power company.
  • Solar panels don’t require much maintenance after installation.
  • Panels are generally discreet, and installing them on roofs means they don’t take up any additional space in yards or gardens.
  • Independently producing electricity with sunlight means some solar panel-equipped homes will still have power in the event of a utility outage.
  • They’re an excellent way for environmentally-conscious homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints.


Unfortunately, they also have a few significant drawbacks:

  • Panels and installation can be very expensive, particularly for solar arrays large enough to meet a home’s entire electricity demand.
  • Solar power is generally not as reliable as other sources of electricity– panels will not work at night, during cloudy days, or in other situations where the sun is obscured.
  • Solar panels are not user-serviceable, and finding repair technicians can be difficult and expensive.
  • The number of homes able to fill all of their energy needs with solar power alone is relatively small. Most will still have to rely on their local power company for at least some of their electricity.


Solar panels are a worthwhile investment for many people, but every home and family has different energy needs. Before making the decision to incorporate solar power into your home’s building or remodeling plans, it’s important to have a realistic idea of what solar panels can really do for you.

Google just released a brand new feature called “Project Sunroof” that allows you to enter in your home address and Google will tell you how effective Solar Panels will be for your home depending on the amount of sunlight your roof is exposed to each day.

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