5 Reasons to Build a Home in 2015

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Are you looking to upgrade homes or relocate soon? If so, there are a few initial things to consider when selecting a new home. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether to buy an existing house or build a new one. We compiled the top 5 reasons to build a home in 2015.

1. Use New Materials & Technology

Older homes are unique and desirable in their own ways but they generally come with baggage you are unaware of. You normally dont think about the list of repairs and updates that come with, or soon follow, buying an older home. With time appliances, plumbing and even the HVAC system become outdated and need fixed. Building a new home means new plumbing, appliances and HVAC system that comes with an Energy Star rating. New doors and windows means better insulation and lower utility bills.

2. Stay in Budget

Building a new home allows you to control the cost and get you the best bang for your buck. You can control everything from the cost of labor to the cost of the materials. Consider doing some work yourself to save on labor costs and improve your handyman skills. Spend money on things that are important to you and find more cost effective alternatives to things that are not so important to you. Some people love fancy appliances and other prefer a bigger garage. Having the freedom to chose is a great advantage when building your home.

3. Build to Fit Your Needs

When your home is limited so are you. We all live different lifestyles and have very different needs. Maybe you need a few extra bedrooms or a (nice) home office? Maybe having a big backyard is important or a 3 car garage is a must have? Building your own home allows you to chose what you want and still stay within your budget. This goes back to the “spend money on whats important to you” concept.

4. Live in a Safer Home

As materials and technology have advanced, builders have learned safer ways to build structures with more integrity. Stricter building codes have also come around and they ensure a better end product. Everything from the foundation to the wiring and even the roofing has evolved in recent decades and is unmatched by older home construction. If your families safety is important to you, this is something to keep in mind.

5. Make it Custom

By far the best part about building your own home is being able to customize it however you want! You get to choose the materials, layout & size of everything. Now you will have that big bay window, beautiful covered deck and relaxing pool you have always dreamed about.

If a new custom built home, that fits your needs and keeps your family safe, while staying in your budget is what you are looking for then call South Fork Design today!


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